2021 Pot O’Gold Sale

Journey to 2024 Pot O’Gold Production Contest Underway

With the purchase of 26 heifers from this year’s Pot O’Gold Sale, juniors became eligible to compete for prizes in the 2024 Pot O’Gold Production Contest. The event held on November 6, 2021, in conjunction with the All American Junior Jersey Show in Louisville, Ky., auctioned 10 bred heifers, four open yearlings and 12 heifer calves for an average of $3,740.38 and a gross of $97,250.

The product value of the first lactations of these heifers will be used to determine rankings in the production contest. Seventeen percent of the gross—$16,532.50—will be set aside for cash prizes for owners of the 22 heifers that complete the top records. The winner will receive a check in the amount of $2,975.85 (18% of the pot). Second place will earn $1,901.24 (11.5%). Third will receive $1,322.60 (8%).

A pair of juniors from Hilmar, Calif., took home the two high sellers. Diego Da Rocha purchased the high seller, Bohnerts Jaywalk Britny, for $6,500. The 10-month-old daughter of JX Sun Valley Jaywalk {6}-ET, GJPI +112, ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +132. She has Genomic Predicted Transmitting Abilities (GPTAs) of +897M, +61F (+0.08%) and +50P (+0.08%) and is +1.0 for Type. Ten of her 11 closest dams are Very Good or Excellent; six of her eight closest dams have m.e. averages over 20,000 lbs. milk.


Bohnerts Jaywalk Britny was the high seller, purchased for $6,500 by Diego Da Rocha. She was consigned by Bohnert Jerseys, represented by Cassie, at the halter, Scott, Jacob, and Karen Bohnert, right. Also pictured are Elizabeth Gross, Fred Stout Experience Intern with JMS, left; Michael Hurst, General Chair of the All American, second left; and 2020 National Jersey Queen Natalie Berry. In the box are Greg Lavan, JMS Manager, and Chris Hill, auctioneer.

Her dam is a Very Good-81% daughter of River Valley Cece Chrome-ET, GJPI +83, that ranks for genetic merit as well with an index of +94. She has an m.e. of 18,827—1,028—751 on her first lactation at 1-8. Her Very Good-80% grandam, sired by Dupat Visionary Malibu-ET, GJPI +91, has a two lactation m.e. average of 20,482—1,096—829. The next dam is appraised Very Good-80% as well and has an m.e. of 23,599—1,166—912 on her first record.

“Britny’s” fourth dam, Bohnerts Action Banjo, Excellent-91%, has a top record of 5-8 288 3x 22,740 4.6% 1,049 3.6% 820 96DCR. Her Very Good-88% fifth dam has a best record of 22,560 lbs. milk, 1,072 lbs. fat and 873 lbs. protein at 4-5. Her eighth dam, Pitino Bahama of Bohnerts, Very Good-88%, has two records over 25,400 lbs. milk, 1,120 lbs. fat and 880 lbs. protein.

“Britny” was consigned by Bohnert Jerseys, East Moline, Ill.

California breeders were on the buying and selling ends of the second high-seller, JX Primus Triumph Ceylon 22809 {6}-ET. Jack Swanson purchased the consignment of Jerseyland Sires of Turlock for $6,000. The July 2020 daughter of JX River Valley Triumph {5}-ET, GJPI +80, is from the “Circus” cow family. She has GPTAs of +1,450M, +59F and +54P and sold due to BW Graduate, GJPI +131, in mid-June.

“Ceylon 22809 {6}” has a maternal brother in A.I. and several maternal sisters ranked for genetic merit. Their dam is a Very Good-80% daughter of CDF Viceroy-ET, GJPI +83, that ranks among the top 350 genotyped cows with a GJPI of +119. She has an m.e. of 22,102—1,124—820 on her first lactation as a junior two-year-old. She has four maternal brothers in A.I. and several maternal sisters ranked on the top genetic lists as well.

The next dam, River Valley Lemonhead Carnival-ET, is the breed’s former high-selling female, purchased by Jerseyland Sires at the Rendezvous at River Valley in 2016. She was a donor dam, with 85 registered progeny to date.

The third dam, Goff Pharoah Circus Act-ET, Excellent-90%, has four lactations—three over 201,000 lbs. milk—and a top record of 6-3 305 26,170 4.1% 1,079 3.4% 893 101DCR. The next two dams are Very Good-84% and Excellent-90%, respectively. The sixth dam, Family Hill Connection Charlotte-ET, Very Good-86%, was the high selling female of the 2005 All American Jersey Sale.

The seventh dam of “Ceylon 22809 {6}” is two-time National Grand Champion, Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus, Excellent-97%. She has five records—four of them over 21,000 lbs. milk, 1,030 lbs. fat and 760 lbs. protein. The next dam is appraised Excellent-91%.


JX Primus Triumph Ceylon 22809 {6}-ET was the second high seller, purchased by Jack Swanson for $6,000. From the “Circus” cow family, she was consigned by Jerseyland Sires, represented by Tyler Boyd, right. On the halter is Alison Graves.

One of a dozen Jersey youth from the Badger State, Sophia Larson of Reedsburg, purchased the third high seller, JX Avi-Lanche Jiggy Dede 31144 {5}, for $5,800. She is sired by JX Kash-In Got Jiggy {6}-ET, GJPI +139, and due to JX Jer Bel Maldini Archie {5}-ET, GJPI +105, in early February. She ranks among the top 1.5% for GJPI with an index of +125 and is +1.4 for Type and +0.01 for Health Trait Index. She has production evaluations of +920M, +60F and +39P.

“Dede 31144 {5}” is from the “Dede” cow family developed by consignors Jennifer M. and the late Richard Avila, Avi-Lanche Jerseys, Dalhart, Texas, and her family, Elsa and the late Donald Sherman of D & E Jerseys. Her dam is a Very Good-84% daughter of JX Spring Creek Marlo Stoney {3}-ET, GJPI +137, that also ranks for genetic merit with a GJPI of +108. Her Very Good-86% third dam has an m.e. average of 24,482—1,067—847 on three lactations. Her third dam, JX D&E Hugo Dede 4579 {4} Very Good-83%, has nine lactations—all over 20,000 lbs. milk—and a best record of 4-9 299 26,150 4.0% 1,054 3.4% 892 103DCR.

Elaina Hodge, Norwich, Ohio, placed the last bid of $5,400 on the fourth high seller, Legendairy Jiggy Gigi. The “Jiggy {6}” daughter is due to sexed JX Spring Creek Marlo Stoney {3}-ET, GJPI +137, in early April. She has GPTAs of +786M, +44F and +38P and a GJPI of +108. She is +0.4 for Cow Conception Rate, +2.8 for Heifer Conception Rate and +4.0 for Productive Life.

Her dam is a high-component, Very Good-87% “Viceroy” daughter with a two lactation m.e. average of 18,969—1,049—1,049. Her grandam is also appraised Very Good-87% and has an m.e. average of 23,356—1,201—821 on two records as well. She is sired by Sunrise/Hackline Bungy Zipper, GJPI +46. Her Excellent-92% fourth dam has three records over 22,500 lbs. and a top record of 28,710 lbs. milk, 1,833 lbs. fat (6.4%) and 1,066 lbs. protein.

“Gigi’s” fifth dam is Chasin-Rainbows J Gold-ET, Excellent-91%, with three records over 20,000 lbs. milk and a best record of 6-2 305 24,730 5.1% 1,271 3.8% 937 101DCR. Her Very Good-86% sixth dam has a two lactation m.e. average of 23,704—1,127—882. Her Very Good-85% seventh dam has four lactations over 21,000 lbs. milk and a top record of 27,050 lbs. milk, 1,520 lbs. fat and 1,048 lbs. protein at 4-1. The next dam has an m.e. average of 21,034—1,052—804 on four lactations.

“Gigi” was consigned by Thomas L. and Jennie L. Seals, Beaver, Ore.

The 26 juniors making purchases hail from California, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Wisconsin juniors led the way with 12 purchases for $39,750. California juniors followed, taking home four lots for $21,700.


Sophia Larson, second left, purchased the third high seller, JX Avi-Lanche Jiggy Dede 31144 {5}, for $5,800. She was consigned by Richard and Jennifer M. Avila, represented by AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Rylee McCown, right. Also pictured are Elizabeth Gross, Fred Stout Experience Intern with JMS, and Rachel Jarnigan, on the halter.

2021 Pot O'Gold Buyers List


Diego D. Rocha, Hilmar, Calif.
BOHNERTS JAYWALK BRITNY, heifer calf 10 mos. $6,500
(Bohnert Jerseys, East Moline, Ill.)
Jack Swanson, Hilmar, Calif.
JX PRIMUS TRIUMPH CEYLON 22809 {6}-ET, bred heifer 16 mos. $6,000
(Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Calif.)
Sophia Larson, Reedsburg, Wis.
JX AVI-LANCHE JIGGY DEDE 31144 {5}, bred heifer 16 mos. $5,800
(Avila, Richard and Jennifer M., Dalhart, Texas)
Elaina Hodge, Norwich, Ohio
LEGENDAIRY JIGGY GIGI, bred heifer 15 mos. $5,400
(Seals, Thomas L. and Jennie L., Beaver, Ore.)
Rhett Junio, Tipton, Calif.
RED TOP DANIEL 55020, bred heifer 15 mos. $4,700
(Red Top Jerseys, Hilmar, Calif.)
Brenden Haywood, Hastings, Mich.
JX CDF TRIUMPH 29226 {6}-ET, bred heifer 14 mos. $4,500
(C and S Livestock, Hilmar, Calif.)
Ella Herrera, Hilmar, Calif.
JX SUN VALLEY GOT MAID LUCINDA {6}, bred heifer 12 mos. $4,500
(Seals, Bearl A. and Joanne K., Cloverdale, Ore.)
Robert Graves, Dundas, Ill.
SANDCREEKS GOT JIGGY 13477, bred heifer 13 mos. $4,400
(Luke Haywood, Hastings, Mich.)
Ada Larson, Reedsburg, Wis.
JER-Z-BOYZ THRASHER 77803, heifer calf 8 mos. $4,300
(Jer-Z-Boyz, Pixley, Calif.)
Jason King, Fremont, Ohio
LAWTONS BANCROFT AUGUST, bred heifer 14 mos. $4,250
(Merle Lawton, Newark Valley, N.Y.)
Colton Haywood, Hastings, Mich.
JX FOREST GLEN GISLEV BECKY {5}-ET, heifer calf 10 mos. $3,800
(Forest Glen Jerseys, Dayton, Ore.)
Griffin Auer, New London, Wis.
JX KB COTTAGE LILAC 25205 {6}, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,700
(Jar Kids, Milton, Wis.)
Kenley M. Kessenich, De Forest, Wis.
JX FOUR J WESTPORT 21899 {6}, heifer calf 10 mos. $3,500
(Four J Jerseys, Tipton, Calif.)
Ava G. Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.
DUTCH HOLLOW CHIEF HAZEL, heifer calf 9 mos. $3,150
(Lydia Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.)
Renee L. Bok, Defiance, Ohio
AHLEM FIRESTAR VETTE 59904, open yearling 12 mos. $3,100
(Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif.)
Alexandra Jaskolski, Hatley, Wis.
ELMHURST-KYPO W ATHENA, heifer calf 10 mos. $3,000
(Elmhurst Jerseys and Polk Kyle, Waynesville, Ohio)
Noelle and Owen Vos, Maribel, Wis.
HER-MAN DEMOS DART-P, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,000
(Hobbs Lutz, Chester, S.C.)
Eva Jaskolski, Hatley, Wis.
JX TOG GALLANTRY GEORGIA 545 {5}-ET, heifer calf 8 mos. $2,900
(Bos Dairy LLC, Lovington, N.M.)
Tyler G. Seals, Tillamook, Ore.
H&S CASINO VIOLET, bred heifer 14 mos. $2,900
(HandS Partners, Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Emma R. Vos, Maribel, Wis.
MHF SKYMAN DELILAH, open yearling 13 mos. $2,800
(Neal Smith, Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Clayton Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
PRO-HART DEMOS STAR {5}, open yearling 12 mos. $2,700
(Pro-Hart Jerseys, Prescott, Mich.)
Harper Vanzyverden, Niangua, Mo.
AHLEM BROTHERS JAYWALK 47136, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,650
(Grant Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif.)
Erica Neal Stock, Newton, Wis.
JX AJ TROOPER 4975 {5}, heifer calf 7 mos. $2,600
(Albright Jerseys LLC, Willard, Ohio)
Ivy J. Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.
OHIO KIAWA CHROME 961-P, bred heifer 13 mos. $2,500
(Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio)
Paisley Kessenich, Deforest, Wis.
PRO-HART CRAZE WISHY, open yearling 13 mos. $2,500
(Melanie Bodrie, Pinconning, Mich.)
Sara J. Bok, Defiance, Ohio
JX MAX-LORD KESTREL KYZIE {5}-P, heifer calf 8 mos. $2,100
(Holtz, Jeff, Mary and Lisa, Maquoketa, Iowa)