The All American . . . the Granddaddy of Jersey Events

Each November, the Jersey world turns its attention to Louisville, Kentucky, for three full days of everything Jersey. This event -- the All American Jersey Shows & Sales  -- is one like no other. With nearly 500 Registered Jerseys and thousands of Jersey enthusiasts under one roof, it it the largest gathering of its kind in the world.

The North American International Livestock Exposition is the host venue for five major events - the All American Jersey Show, the All American Junior Jersey Show, the National Jersey Jug Futurity, the All American Jersey Sale and the Pot O'Gold Sale.

The All American is a special place for adults and juniors alike. It is a place where dreams begin and lifelong goals are realized. No feeling can match that of standing in the spotlight with a National Grand Champion, breeding a Jersey Jug winner or consigning a high seller at the All American Jersey Sale. Juniors get their own agenda here too, with a show and sale just for them and a banquet to honor achievements with their cattle.

But bragging rights for laurels from "Louisville" are just one reason Jersey breeders make the trek to The All American each fall. The All American is also opportunity to socialize with friends, celebrate blessings, discuss business and plan for the future. The All American experience is one Jersey breeders look forward to each year, a sojourn to Kentucky for some R and R with like-minded friends.

What was a dream for the founders of the American Jersey Cattle Club nearly 150 years ago is now reality. These visionaries would be proud to see how their idea has grown from humble beginnings into a Mecca for the Jersey community.

Read the history of the All American to learn what inspired the events, understand the moments that changed its course and take in some interesting tidbits.

Supreme Champion Class, NAILE