2019 All American Jersey Sale

Higher Prices Buoyed by Optimism at All American

It was renewed optimism that set the stage for the higher prices paid for consignments to this year’s All American Jersey Sale. A more favorable forecast and improving milk prices enabled Jersey breeders to better invest in the breed’s best genetics and prepare for the future of their herds. This 64 lots sold for an average of $6,110.16 and a gross of $391,050. The lineup included a high genomic bull who was syndicated for $75,000 and females from some of the breed’s most popular cow families. The 63 females sold for an average of $5,016.67, led by a pair of genomic standouts at $37,000 each.

The 67th event of the series was held on November 10 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. It was managed by Jersey Marketing Service and cried by Chris Hill.

The high-genomic young bull that was syndicated was Ahlem Kiawa Encore 24617-ET. He was purchased by the Encore Syndicate, a group of 35 Jersey breeders and Select Sires of Plain City, Ohio. He was bred and consigned by Camille Herrera, a junior member from Hilmar, Calif.

“Encore,” an eight-month-old son of JX Ahlem Baltazar Kiawa {6}-P-ET, GJPI +174, ranks high among his peers for protein yield, type and health traits. He has GPTAs of +1,153M, +37F and +44P and a GJPI of +185. He is +1.8 for Type, +2.5 for CCR, +3.6 for HCR and +7.0 for Productive Life (PL). He is backed by nine Very Good or Excellent dams, all with m.e. averages over 19,000 lbs. milk.

Many of his maternal sisters rank on the breed’s top genetic lists, as does their dam, Ahlem Disco Electra 51788-ET. The Very Good-84% daughter of Oaklane Dazzler Disco 2127-ET, GJPI +127, has a GJPI of +158 and a projected first lactation m.e. of 19,509–929–730 at 1-10.

Herrera purchased “Encore’s” grandam, Sunwest Nitro Kilowatt V1837, from Sunwest Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif., as the second-high seller of the 2016 Pot O’Gold Sale. The Very Good-86% daughter of All Lynns Hendrix Nitro, GJPI +77, made 20,150 lbs. milk, 919 lbs. fat and 758 lbs. protein at 2-8. The next dam is a Very Good-80% daughter of Fairway Klassic Kilowatt-ET, GJPI +128, with five lactations and a top record of 2-8 302 19,490 5.4% 1060 3.8% 735 98DCR.

“Encore’s” Excellent-90% fourth dam has made a top record of 21,610 lbs. milk, 1,087 lbs. fat and 805 lbs. protein at 5-1. His Very Good-88% fifth dam has seven lactations and a best record of 4-5 305 20,700 5.8% 1,203 3.7% 776 97DCR.


MFW Dashiell Fortuna {6}-ET, selling in absentia, was one of two females to sell for $37,000. AJCA Executive Secretary Neal Smith, left, presents the C. Scott Mayfield Memorial Trophy for the buyer of co-high selling heifer, Peak Genetics. Clint Collins III, right, gives the C. L. Collins Jr. Memorial Award to consignor, Andrew Mason and his wife, Valerie, center. In the box are JMS Manager Greg Lavan, AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Danielle Brown and Auctioneer Chris Hill. Also pictured is National Jersey Queen Gracie Krahn.


Legendary Viceroy Best Wishes was the other heifer to sell for $37,000. She was purchased by the Double Dutch Syndicate, a partnership of Kash-In Jerseys and Jer-Z-Boyz Ranch, represented by Tim Baumgartner, right. The 13-month-old bred heifer was consigned by Thomas and Jennie Seals, represented by the Bohnerts—Karen and Jacob, center, and Cassie, on the halter. Also pictured are National Jersey Queen Gracie Krahn and Lavan, Brown and Hill, in the box.

One of the two females to sell for $37,000 was MFW Dashiell Fortuna {6}-ET. Cataloged as Lot 1, she was purchased by Peak Genetics, Watertown, Wis., and consigned by Andrew P. Mason, Chestertown, Md. “Fortuna {6}” sold as the breed’s #19 female for GJPI and today ranks among the top 100 females with an index of +198. She has GPTAs of +787M, +66F (+0.14%) and +43P (+0.07%). She is +1.9 for Type and has a Genomic Jersey Udder Index of +28.6. The three-month-old heifer calf is sired by JX Avi-Lanche Viceroy Dashiell {6}-ET, GJPI +192.

A maternal sister and her dam, JX MFW World Cup Sparkler {5}-ET, also rank among the breed’s best for genetic merit. Her dam is sired by JX Co-op Ad World Cup {4}-ET, GJPI +158, and has a projected m.e. of 22,688–1,084–802 on her first lactation at 1-8. Her grandam is a Very Good-87% daughter of Phils Berretta Blue Moon-ET, GJPI -72, with a four lactation m.e. average of 20,592–941–722.

Her third dam is appraised Very Good-84% and has a best record of 4-6 282 21,510 4.5% 964 3.4% 727 94DCR. Her fifth and sixth dams are Very Good as well.

Double Dutch Syndicate (a newly-formed partnership of California Jersey breeders Kash-In Jerseys of Tulare and Jer-Z-Boyz Ranch of Pixley) purchased the other $37,000-priced female, Legendairy Viceroy Best Wishes. The daughter of CDF Viceroy-ET, GJPI +185, hails from a maternal line that has been heavily merchandised at The All American in recent years. She sold short bred to JX Kash-In Got Jiggy {6}-ET, GJPI +206.

“Best Wishes” was the #21 female for GJPI on sale day and today ranks among the top 200 genotyped females with an index of +190. She has GPTAs of +1,312M, +73F (+0.05%) and +59P (+0.06%).

Her maternal brother, Legendairy Bourbon-ET, GJPI +164, is being sampled through The Semex Alliance. Several maternal sisters rank on the top genetic lists. Their dam, sired by CDF Karbala Kwynn, GJPI +146, has a first lactation m.e. of 20,860–1,018–886 and a GJPI of +144. Their Very Good-85% grandam is sired by Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold {5}, GJPI +74, and made 26,580 lbs. milk, 1,187 lbs. fat and 903 lbs. protein at 3-9.

The third dam of “Best Wishes,” Jars of Clay Valentino Bridget-P, Excellent-91%, has a top record of 2-11 305 3x 26,210 4.6% 1,194 3.4% 903 83DCR. She is the dam of two bulls syndicated at The All American Jersey Sale: Jars of Clay Barnabas, GJPI +52, in 2013 and Jars of Clay Boaz-ET, GJPI +145, in 2016. Another member of the family, Kash-In Slugger-P-ET, GJPI +161, was syndicated in The All American Jersey Sale in 2015 for $120,000.

The fourth dam of “Best Wishes,” Jars of Clay Venerable 1771 2620-P, Excellent-90%, has 20,050 lbs. milk, 1,011 lbs. fat and 769 lbs. protein at 208. The next four dams are appraised Excellent 91% or Excellent-92%. Each has multiple records over 20,000 lbs. milk.

“Best Wishes” was consigned by Thomas L. and Jennie L. Seals, Beaver, Ore.


David and Rita Hogan, right, purchased the third-high selling female as well, Rog-Al Chrome Shelby, for $12,000. The 10-month-old “Chrome” daughter was consigned by Zachary Alexander, represented by AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Scott Holcomb. Also pictured are Jaylin Dilsaver, on the halter, Queen Krahn and Lavan, Brown and Hill, in the box.


The Junior All American Winter Yearling, Townside Norman Kookie, was the fourth-high selling female, purchased by RK Genetics, represented by Keena Kirsnis and Roger Arn, center, for $11,500. She was consigned by Noah Bilz, right, and Greg Cornish. Also pictured are Grant Dohle, at the halter, Queen Krahn and Lavan, Brown and Hill, in the box.

Another Jersey breeder from Oregon, David L. Hogan, placed the last bid of $12,500 on the next high seller, JX Bohnerts Disco Bleep {5}, to bring her home to Misty Meadow Dairy in Tillamook. The seven-month-old “Disco” daughter has GPTAs of +456M, +47F (+0.13%) and +31P (+0.07%). She is +2.2 for Type, +34.5 for GJUI, +6.3 for PL and +2.1 for Livability. She ranks among the breed’s top 1.5% genotyped heifers with a GJPI of +174.

A maternal sister ranks on the top genetic lists, as does their dam, JX Bohnerts GSP Blurp {4}, a Very Good-80% daughter of JX Faria Brothers GSP {3}-ET, GJPI +131. She has a GJPI of +140 and an m.e. of 21,809 lbs. milk, 1,164 lbs. fat and 876 lbs. protein on her first lactation at 1-8. Her grandam is an Excellent-90% daughter of All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET, GJPI +72, with four lactations and a top record of 3-10 303 3x 23,860 5.1% 1,221 4.1% 980 99DCR. Her third dam made 21,840 lbs. milk, 1,010 lbs. fat and 791 lbs. protein at 5-0. Her Very Good-87% fourth dam has an m.e. average of 19,241–901–771 on two lactations.

“Bleep {5}” was consigned by Bohnert Jerseys, East Moline, Ill.

Hogan also purchased the third-high selling female, Rog-Al Chrome Shelby, for $12,000. The 10-month-old daughter of River Valley Cece Chrome-ET, GJPI +185, has GPTAs of +1,103M, +62F and +40P. She is +2.5 for Type, +26.7 for GJUI and +6.0 for PL. She ranks on the list of the Top 500 Females for GJPI with an index of +187.

Her dam is a Very Good-85% daughter of Ahlem Headline Pharoah 21795, GJPI +129, with an m.e. of 16,981–826–599 on her first lactation. Her Excellent-90% grandam has a top record of 4-2 305 21,170 5.4% 1,142 3.3% 703 98DCR. Her third dam is also appraised Excellent-90% and has 19,020 lbs. milk, 1,110 lbs. fat and 692 lbs. protein at 4-3.

“Shelby” was consigned by Zachary Alexander, Liberty, Pa.

The reigning Junior All American Winter Yearling and Junior Champion of the International Junior Jersey Show, Townside Norman Kookie, was the fourth-high selling female, purchased by RK Genetics, New Glarus, Wis., for $11,500. The winter yearling is sired by Townside Fever Norman-ET, PA JPI -14.

In addition to earning the purple banner at the junior show in Madison, Wis., in October and the blue ribbon in the winter yearling class at The All American Junior Jersey Show the day before the sale, “Kookie” was Junior Champion at the junior shows held at the Wisconsin State Fair and the Wisconsin Spring Spectacular. Her dam is an Excellent-93% daughter of Arethusa Socrates Volcano-ET, GJPI -90. Her grandam is sired by Family Hill Cir Tradition-ET, GJPI -10.

“Kookie” was consigned by the partnership of Noah Bilz and Greg Cornish of Dorchester, Wis., and bred by Townside Jerseys of Wilson, Wis.

A choice out of the reigning Grand Champion of the International Jersey Show was the fifth-high selling female of the day. Delon Mortimer, Smithfield, Utah, purchased Lot 6, a first choice female sired by a mutually-agreeable sire and out of Bri-Lin Valson Spritz, for $9,200. Embryos are to be implanted for a December 2020 calf.

“Spritz” is an Excellent-94% daughter of Deerview Valson-ET, GJPI +60, with a three lactation m.e. average of 20,432–943–760. The five-year-old is backed by three Excellent dams in Canada. She is owned by consignor Vierra Dairy Farms, Hilmar, Calif., and was bred by Brian and Linda Raymer of Bright, Ont.

“Spritz’s” show accolades have gotten grander each year. In 2016, she was named Intermediate Champion of the Ontario Summer Show. The following year, she topped the junior three-year-old class at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Jersey Show and placed second at the International Jersey Show. In 2018, she again topped her class and was named Grand Champion of the Mid-Atlantic show.

She has an Excellent-91% maternal sister that was named Honorable Mention All-Canadian Junior Two-Year-Old in 2015 and nominated All-Canadian the following year. Their dam, sired by Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, GJPI -124, is EX 90 in Canada. The fifth dam, Bri-Lin Imperial Snow, VG 86, earned an 11-star Brood Cow award from Jersey Canada in 2015 and a silver award for her 6-6 record of 19,585 lbs. milk, 1,023 lbs. fat and 770 lbs. protein.

In all, 48 buyers from 24 states made purchases. California led the way with seven Jersey breeders purchasing 11 lots.

Planning for The All American Jersey Sale was carried out by The All American Sale Planning Committee beginning in March. The committee was comprised of chair Michael Hurst, Waynesville, Ohio, and associate chair Aaron Horst, Chambersburg, Pa., and 29 other volunteers from across the country.