2018 Pot O’Gold Sale

Popular Pedigrees High Sellers at Pot O'Gold Sale

Thirty-six juniors from fourteen states capitalized on opportunity to purchase top-quality Registered Jersey genetics at the 61st Pot O’Gold Sale on November 3, 2018. The 10 bred heifers, nine open yearlings and 17 heifer calves consigned to the sale sold for an average of $2,733.33 and a gross of $98,400.

The event is one of the eagerly-anticipated highlights of Junior Day at the All American in Louisville, Ky., sandwiched between the All American Junior Jersey Show in the morning and the Junior Banquet in the evening. The sale kicks off the 2021 Pot O’Gold Production Contest for heifers purchased through the event. Seventeen percent of the gross―$16,728―will be set aside for the contest. Prizes will be awarded to owners of the 22 heifers that complete the highest first lactation records as ranked by total product value. The winner will receive a check in the amount of $3,011.04 (18% of the pot). Second place will earn $1,923.72 (11.5% of the pot). Third will receive $1,338.24 (8% of the pot).


JX Avi-Lanche Bltzar Blitzen 18989 {6} was the high seller, purchased for $7,000 by Jack Swanson, represented by AJCA Director of Field Services Kristin Paul, second left. She was consigned by D&E Jerseys, represented by Alex Steer, genetics manager for the dairy, right. Also pictured are 2017 National Jersey Queen Lakaya Lyon, left, Jaylin Dilsaver, at the halter, and Greg Lavan, JMS Manager, and Seth Andrews, auctioneer, in the box.

Jack Swanson of Hilmar, Calif., outlasted his peers in a bidding war to purchase the high seller, JX Avi-Lanche Bltzar Blitzen 18989 {6}, for $7,000. The daughter of JX Ahlem Harris Baltazar {5}-ET, GJPI +152, sold due to JX Avi-Lanche Luke Duke {3}-ET, GJPI +181, in late April. She is from the “Blitzen” cow family developed by consignor D & E Jerseys of Dalhart, Texas. She sold with A.I. interest from ABS Global Inc., CRV and Semex.

“Blitzen 18989 {6}” ranks on the list of the Top 500 Heifers for GJPI with an index of +186. She has GPTAs of +1,539M, +69F and +57P and is +5.0 for Productive Life (PL). Her dam, sired by All Lynns Legal Volcano-ET, GJPI +139, ranks among the top 1.5% for GJPI with an index of +155 and has an m.e. of 25,119―1,219―870 on her first lactation at 1-8. Her grandam is a Very Good-83% daughter of Waunakee Legal Perform, GJPI +86, with a three lactation m.e. average of 22,800―1,114―862.

Her third dam, D&E Merchant Blitzen 21001, Excellent-91%, has an m.e. average of 20,869―1,020―773 on three lactations. She has four Excellent daughters, all with top records over 21,000 lbs. milk, including D&E Hyatt Blitzen 21548, Excellent-93%, with 28,198 lbs. milk, 1,168 lbs. fat and 943 lbs. protein at 6-10. Her Very Good-87% fourth dam has seven lactations and a best record of 5-6 294 21,010 4.3% 903 3.8% 794 101DCR. Her Very Good-84% fifth dam has eight lactations, half over 21,000 lbs. milk, 850 lbs. fat and 720 lbs. protein.


Robert “Bobby” Graves, center, purchased the second high seller, JX Jer-Z-Boyz Got Maid 61357 {6}, for $6,200. She was consigned by Jer-Z-Boyz of Pixley, Calif. The junior calf sired by Sunset Canyon Got Maid {5}-ET was one of several to sell with A.I. interest. Also pictured are National Jersey Queen Lakaya Lyon, JMS Manager Greg Lavan and Seth Andrews.


The third high seller, JX Dodan LH Future Trifecta {4}-ET, was purchased by Austin Haywood for $5,100. She was consigned by D & D Jerseys and Lloyd Heinz. Also pictured are Queen Lyon and Lavan and Andrews, in the box.

Robert Graves, Dundas, Ill., purchased another one of the consignments who sold with A.I. interest from CRV and Semex. He secured JX Jer-Z-Boyz Got Maid 61357 {6} with a winning bid of $6,200―the second-high price of the day. The full-age junior calf is sired by JX Sunset Canyon Got Maid {5}-ET, GJPI +184. She has GPTAs of +728M, +70F and +47 and is +1.5 for Type. Her GJPI of +182 ranks among the top 500 for genotyped heifers.

Her dam is a Very Good-82% daughter of Rowleys 11 Visionary Chili-ET, GJPI +154, with a GJPI of +130. Her Excellent-90% grandam, sired by Jer-Z-Boyz Credibull {6}-P-ET, GJPI +135, has a two lactation m.e. average of 20,884―994―801. She ranked among the top 1.5% for genetic merit on sale day and today has a GJPI of +139. The next dam is sired by Sunset Canyon Medalist-ET, GJPI +89.

“Got Maid 61357 {5}” was consigned by Jer-Z-Boyz of Pixley, Calif.

Austin Haywood, Hastings, Mich., chose the third high seller, JX Dodan LH Future Trifecta {4}-ET, for $5,100. The February 2018 daughter of JX Faria Brothers Future {3}-ET, GJPI +152, sold with A.I. interest from Semex. She has GPTAs of +801M, +65F and +40P and is +148 for GJPI and +1.7 for Type. She is from the same lineage as Tollenaar Impuls Louie 260-ET, GJPI +46, the breed’s former #1 bull for JPI, and traces eight generations back to Greenridge FW Chief Althea-ET, Excellent-92%, runner-up in the 2000 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest.

Her dam, Dodan LH Chili Tilly-ET, Very Good-83%, ranks among the top 1.5% genotyped cows with a GJPI of +139. She has a two lactation m.e. average of 27,146―1,499―1,069. Her Very Good-88% grandam, sired by Sunset Canyon Dignitary-ET, GJPI +82, has a three lactation m.e. average of 27,008―1,371―1,064. She has seven Very Good or Excellent maternal sisters, two ranked on the top genetic lists. One of her maternal sisters, Dodan LH Visionary Tessa, Excellent-90%, has 28,710 lbs. milk, 1,344 lbs. fat and 1,048 lbs. protein at 3-2.

The third dam of “Trifecta {4}” is a Very Good-83% daughter of Schultz Rescue Headline, GJPI +58, with an m.e. average of 30,211―1,329―1,086 on four lactations. The fourth dam, Tollenaar Impuls 3220-ET, Very Good-88%, is a full sister to “Louie.” She has a best record of 2-10 305 25,370 7.0% 1,775 3.6% 922 92DCR. Her Excellent-91% fifth dam has 30,530 lbs. milk, 1,720 lbs. fat and 1,251 lbs. protein at 4-3. The next two dams are also appraised Excellent.

Her eighth dam, the previously mentioned “Althea,” has lifetime credits of 217,972 lbs. milk, 10,060 lbs. fat and 8,800 lbs. protein, a measure that topped the 2000 Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest for protein. In all, she has more than 90 Excellent and 530 Very Good descendants and numerous other descendants in A.I. sampling programs.

“Trifecta {4}” was consigned by the partnership of D & D Jerseys and Lloyd Heinz, Newton, Wis.

A pair of juniors from Hilmar purchased two heifers that sold for the fourth high price of the day―$5,000. Both heifers are sired by River Valley Circus Craze-ET, GJPI +174, and sold with A.I. interest from Semex. Cameron Swanson chose the second youngest of the day’s offering, JX Piedmont Rvale Craze Starlet {6}, a “Craze” daughter who will celebrate her first birthday in early March 2019. She has GPTAs of +885M, +39F and +27P and a GJPI of +151. She is +1.1 for Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +2.5 for Cow Conception Rate (CCR), +2.3 for Heifer Conception Rate (HCR) and +2.5 for Livability.

Her dam appraised Excellent-90% at 2-8 and has an m.e. of 24,174―1,130―837 on her first lactation. In her second lactation, the daughter of JX Denkel Rowleys V Jumbo 2114 {4}-ET, GJPI +114, has a herdmate deviation of +3,793M, +165F and +158P and is projected to 22,661 lbs. milk, 1,127 lbs. fat and 823 lbs. protein actual as a senior two-year-old.

Her grandam is sired by Heartland Merchant Topeka-ET, GJPI +40. Her Very Good-84% third dam has an m.e. of 18,341―943―691 on her first lactation. Her Very Good-88% fourth dam has a five lactation m.e. average of 20,144―955―725. The next seven dams are Very Good or Excellent and have at least four complete lactations.

“Starlet {6}” was consigned by Rosevale Jerseys, Gambier, Ohio.

Camille Herrera chose the other $5,000-priced heifer, Forest Glen Crazy Francine. The December 2017 “Craze” daughter has GJPIs of +1,023M, +37F and +38P. She is +2.1 for DPR, +2.1 for CCR, +1.8 for HCR and +149 for GJPI.

Her dam is a Very Good-81% daughter of Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold {5}, GJPI +76, with an m.e. of 17,756―875―653 on her first lactation. Her Very Good-88% grandam, sired by Sun Valley Impuls Jupiter, GJPI +59, has a best record of 3-10 23,980 4.4% 1,052 3.5% 840 98DCR. Her third dam is appraised Very Good-80% and has a four lactation m.e. average of 17,466―874―661. Her Very Good-86% fourth dam has seven lactations―four over 20,000 lbs. milk―and a best record of 7-4 305 3x 24,070 4.3% 1,029 3.4% 823 97DCR. Her fifth dam has a three lactation m.e. average of 20,190―858―681. Her sixth dam is Very Good-89% and has a best record of 3-2 293 21,160 4.5% 957 3.6% 772 DHIR. The next dam is Very Good-85%.

“Francine” was consigned by De Groot Dairy Farms, Hanford, Calif.

2018 Pot O'Gold Buyers List


Jack Swanson, Hilmar, Calif.
JX AVI-LANCHE BLTZAR BLITZEN 18989 {6}, bred heifer 14 mos. $7,000
(D & E Jerseys, Dalhart, Texas)
Robert Graves, Dundas, Ill.
JX JER-Z-BOYZ GOT MAID 61357 {6}, heifer calf 10 mos. $6,200
(Jer-Z-Boyz, Pixley, Calif.)
Austin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.
JX DODAN LH FUTURE TRIFECTA {4}-ET, heifer calf 8 mos. $5,100
(D & D Jerseys And Heinz Lloyd, Newton, Wis.)
Camille Herrera, Hilmar, Calif.
FOREST GLEN CRAZY FRANCINE, heifer calf 11 mos. $5,000
(De Groot Dairy Farms, Hanford, Calif.)
Cameron Swanson, Hilmar, Calif.
JX PIEDMONT RVALE CRAZE STARLET {6}, heifer calf 7 mos. $5,000
(Rosevale Jerseys, Gambier, Ohio)
Ava G. Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.
JX DUTCH HOLLOW WC DIANTHUS {5}, open yearling 12 mos. $4,200
(Karin C. Couch, Schodack Landing, N.Y.)
Henry Dizek, Hadley, Mass.
HER-MAN DISCO SULTRY, heifer calf 10 mos. $4,000
(Herby and Amanda Lutz, Chester, S.C.)
Alisa L. Mercuro, Woodsboro, Md.
MHF DISCO DANCER, heifer calf 8 mos. $4,000
(Neal Smith, Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Devin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.
YOSEMITE LEMONHEAD MARCIN 37597, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,800
(Yosemite Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
Clayton Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
CLEMSON DISCO 2257 725, open yearling 12 mos. $3,800
(Clemson University/Dairy Farm, Clemson, S.C.)
Sammy Allen, Reedsburg, Wis.
BOHNERTS DISCO AMY, heifer calf 10 mos. $3,700
(Bohnert Jerseys, East Moline, Ill.)
Hobbs Lutz, Chester, S.C.
ALL LYNNS SLUGGER WRINKLE-P, open yearling 12 mos. $3,400
(Tommy Allen, Reedsburg, Wis.)
Ela M. Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.
JX SUNSET CANYON GM MAID 3083 {6}-ET, heifer calf 10 mos. $3,200
(Eric L. Silva, Beaver, Ore.)
Chelsie Fuller, Newark Valley, N.Y.
ROG-AL CASINO PIPPA, bred heifer 14 mos. $2,900
(Sarah M. Alexander, Liberty, Pa.)
Austin Dizek, Hadley, Mass.
LAWTONS MARCIN FANCY, bred heifer 13 mos. $2,800
(Timothy Lawton, Newark Valley, N.Y.)
Tyler G. Seals, Tillamook, Ore.
PRIMUS SLUGGER HOMERUN-ET, bred heifer 15 mos. $2,500
(Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Calif.)
Coltan O. Seals, Beaver, Ore.
JX RED TOP NXLEVEL 43483 {5}, heifer calf 9 mos. $2,200
(Red Top Jerseys, Hilmar, Calif.)
Jacob Bohnert, East Moline, Ill.
JX SUN VALLEY HARRIS VIRGO {5}, open yearling 12 mos. $2,000
(Bearl A. and Joanne K. Seals, Cloverdale, Ore.)
Tucker Evans, Chester, S.C.
KILGUS IRWIN KENDRA, bred heifer 12 mos. $2,000
(Trent Kilgus, Fairbury, Ill.)
Brynn M. Lavan, Gambier, Ohio
WILSONVIEW VICE NOVEMBER, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,000
(Wilsonview Dairy, Tillamook, Ore.)
Joshua Seals, Tillamook, Ore.
JX JCJ RONALDINHO 39642 {4}, heifer calf 10 mos. $1,800
(James Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif.)
Nathan Merriam, Hickman, Calif.
JX WAUNAKEE FRISCO PEGASUS 5496 {6}, bred heifer 14 mos. $1,700
(Gerald Laufenberg, Mount Horeb, Wis.)
Jiah Riniker, Farley, Iowa
JX PROGENESIS WORLD CUP MAGIC {5}-ET, bred heifer 14 mos. $1,700
(Peter Hawkes Jr. and Edward Facer, Perry, N.Y.)
Savanna R. Semrad, Crescent, Okla.
JX LAST CHANCE EUSEBIO TALLAHASSEE {5}, heifer calf 9 mos. $1,700
(Bob and Darlene Winter, Chetek, Wis.)
Renee L. Bok, Defiance, Ohio
JX BARLASS FIERCE GRETTA 3728 {4}, open yearling 14 mos. $1,600
(Kristin and Brian Paul, Milton, Wis.)
Jace Briggs, Campbellsville, Ky.
LAWTONS RACER BROOKE, heifer calf 11 mos. $1,600
(Dustin and Kristin Taylor, Shreve, Ohio)
Sofia Zina, Hadley, Mass.
JX AVON ROAD WORLD CUP PING {5}-ET, heifer calf 7 mos. $1,600
(Alison Strandberg, Alma Center, Wis.)
Lilly Boreman, West Salem, Ohio
JX OHIO BRUNO HEADLINE 674 {6}-ET, heifer calf 10 mos. $1,500
(Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio)
Jonathan S. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
SUNWEST DETOUR ISAAC W7641, open yearling 13 mos. $1,500
(Sunwest Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
Lydia Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
IGL DISCO MARION, bred heifer 15 mos. $1,500
(International Genetics/B. Young, Collingwood, Ont.)
Jack Zina, Hadley, Mass.
AHLEM MAINSTREAM DAHLIA 51543, bred heifer 15 mos. $1,500
(Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif.)
Ryan Mattingly Jr., Fresno, Calif.
JX CDF VICEROY ABBOTT W0043 {6}, open yearling 12 mos. $1,400
(C & S Livestock, Hilmar, Calif.)
Korri A. Briggs, Campbellsvlle, Ky.
JX SANDCREEKS A PROP JOE 10400 {4}-P, open yearling 12 mos. $1,300
(Austin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.)
Kirsten Boreman, West Salem, Ohio
LYLESTANLEY VICEROY HABIT 2805-ET, heifer calf 9 mos. $1,200
(Lylestanley Trace LLC, Lee, Fla.)
Zachary S. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
JX MOLE HILL DIMMER 418 {5} (TWIN), heifer calf 7 mos. $1,000
(Mole Hill Dairy LLC, Dayton, Va.)
Gracie and Kaycie Wolf, Defiance, Ohio
JX VDF GSP MARIA 20333 {4}, open yearling 12 mos. $1,000
(Vierra Dairy Farms, Hilmar, Calif.)