2017 Pot O’Gold Sale

2020 Pot O'Gold Production Contest

For heifers purchased from the 2017 Pot O'Gold Sale.

Rankings based on dollar value of the animal's first lactation. An in-depth article about contest results is available in the September 2020 issue of the Jersey Journal.

Rankings for the 2020 Pot O'Gold Production Contest


John Dylan Lehr won the 2020 Pot O’Gold Production Contest with Dutch Hollow Monument Cherry.
He is pictured with “Cherry.”

Groundwork Laid for 2020 Pot O’Gold Contest

The diamond-anniversary edition of the Pot O’Gold Sale was held on November 4, 2017. As with the 59 sales that preceded it, juniors alone were entitled to purchase heifers consigned to the sale, one of the highlights of Junior Day at The All American in Louisville, Ky. This year, 32 lots were struck off for an average of $2,959.38 and a gross of $94,700. Juniors from 16 states across the country made purchases, several for the very first time.

Opportunity to add foundation-quality genetics to their herds isn’t the only reason juniors buy from this sale. They also have chance to recoup the purchase price through the production contest for heifers sold in the sale. Seventeen percent of the gross—$16,099—will be set aside for the 2020 Pot O’Gold Production Contest. Prizes will be awarded to owners of the 22 heifers that complete the highest first lactation records as ranked by total product value. The winner will receive a check in the amount of $2,897.82 (18% of the pot). Second place will earn $1,851.39 (11.5% of the pot). Third place will receive $1,287.92 (8% of the pot).
It was the consignment of Sunny Day Farm, sponsor of the trophy for the winner of the production contest, and Her-Man Jerseys of Chester, S.C., that garnered the high price of the day. California junior Camille Herrera of Hilmar placed the final bid of $7,500 to purchase Her-Man/SDF Balin Beck-P. The oldest heifer of the Pot O’Gold lineup, the daughter of Ahlem Balin-ET, GJPI +107, is due to River Valley Circus Craze-ET, GJPI +177, with an ultrasounded heifer calf due in late March.


Her-Man/SDF Balin Beck-P was the high seller at $7,500. She was purchased by Camille Herrera, represented by Jonathan Merriam, center, and consigned by Sunny Day Farm and Her-Man Jerseys, represented by Herby, Amanda and Hobbs Lutz, left. Also pictured are Katie Esselburn, from Land O’Lakes, left, and 2016 National Jersey Queen Maria Noble. Katarina Emerich is at the halter and JMS Manager Greg Lavan and Seth Andrews, auctioneer, are in the box.

“Beck,” a potential fifth-generation Excellent, hails from the high-producing “Becky” cow family bred by Sunny Day Farm. Her dam is an Excellent-90% daughter of Kash In Santana-P-ET, GJPI +100, with a projected second lactation of 23,509 lbs. milk, 1,144 lbs. fat and 832 lbs. protein actual at 2-9. She has four Very Good maternal sisters, one with a 365-day record of 30,427 lbs. milk, 1,811 lbs. fat and 1,119 lbs. protein at 3-1. The next dam is an Excellent-92% daughter of Richies Jace TBone A364, GJPI +41, with a four lactation m.e. average of 22,471–1,126–844.

“Beck-P’s” third dam is JVB Red Hot Mor Belinda-ET, Excellent-94%, with five lactations and a best record of 7-0 305 29,840 5.4% 1,609 3.5% 1,030 102DCR. She was second senior three-year-old and the production award winner at the Michigan State Fair in 2007. Her fourth dam, Sunny Day Bold Belinda-ET, Excellent-94%, has three records—all over 26,000 lbs. milk—and a best record of 33,870 lbs. milk, 1,574 lbs. fat and 1,198 lbs. protein at 6-1.Her sixth dam is Sunny Day Yankee Becky, Excellent-90%, the first Registered Jersey to produce four consecutive lactations over 30,000 lbs. milk. She made a top record of 5-9 365 36,380 4.1% 1,495 3.5% 1,257 DHIR. The next dam is also appraised Excellent-90% and has 18,580 lbs. milk, 851 lbs. fat and 626 lbs. protein at 4-3.


Lydia Chittenden, center, purchased the second high seller, Primus Kwynn Haven-ET for $5,200. She was consigned by Jerseyland Sires, represented by Tyler Boyd, second left. Also pictured are Katie Esselburn, left, Allison Graves, at the halter, 2016 National Jersey Queen Maria Noble and JMS Manager Greg Lavan and Seth Andrews, auctioneer, in the box.


The third high seller, Ahlem Torpedo Princess 49413-ET, was purchased by McCalister Russell for $4,300. She was consigned by Ahlem Farms Partnership, represented by Jonathan Merriam, second left. Graham Rozler is at the halter. Also pictured are Boyd, Queen Noble and Esselburn and Lavan and Andrews, in the box.

A daughter of the winner of the 2016 Pot O’Gold Production Contest sold for the second-high price of $5,200. Lydia Chittenden placed the final bid on Primus Kwynn Haven-ET, to bring her home to the family farm, Dutch Hollow Farm, in Schodack Landing, N.Y. The January 2017 daughter of CDF Karbala Kwynn, GJPI +152, had the second-high GJPI of the lineup on sale day and has a current index of +158, which ranks among the top 1.5% in the breed for genetic merit. She sold with A.I. interest from Alta and Semex.

Her dam, Lost Hill Dimension Holly, Very Good-84%, has a two lactation m.e. average of 22,009—1,347—826 and a GJPI of +145. “Holly” topped the production contest for Dylan Ellenburg, Blacksburg, Va., who purchased her from the Pot O’Gold Contest in 2013 and then sold her to Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Calif., the consignor of “Haven.”

“Haven’s” grandam is a Very Good-83% daughter of Schultz Rescue Headline, GJPI +64, with a best record of 4-3 305 18,120 4.7% 854 3.3% 604 98DCR. The next two dams are Very Good-83% and Very Good-84%, respectively, with records over 18,500 lbs. milk, 900 lbs. fat and 660 lbs. protein. Her fifth dam is appraised Very Good-86% and has a best record of 5-4 305 19,180 4.3% 833 3.7% 706 93DCR.

The first heifer to come through the ring, Ahlem Torpedo Princess 49413-ET, was the third high seller at $4,300. McCalister Russell, Hilmar, Calif., purchased the July 2016 daughter of IGL Santana Torpedo-ET, GJPI +130. She is due to sexed JX Legendairy Moneybag {5}, GJPI +156, in mid-May. She has GPTAs of +943M, +58F and +38P and is +2.0 for Type. She has a GJPI of +146. Three of her maternal brothers are in A.I. sampling programs.

She is from the “Princess” cow family bred by consignor, Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif. Her dam, Ahlem Jupiter Princess 40390, Very Good-88%, has a best record of 3-7 305 3x 26,210 5.0% 1,298 3.5% 914 94DCR. She has three maternal brothers in A.I. and five Very Good maternal sisters. Included in this group is JX Ahlem Princess {5}-ET, Very Good-89%, who ranks on the list of the Top 200 Cows for GJPI with an index of +159 and has several daughters ranked among the breed’s best for genetic merit as well.

The grandam of “Princess 4913,” Ahlem Iatola Princess 33280, Excellent-90%, has five lactations and a best record of 6-8 305 3x 26,450 4.9% 1,295 3.7% 982 94DCR. Her third dam, Ahlem Country Princess 15691, Very Good-88%, has 25,590 lbs. milk, 1,186 lbs. and 885 lbs. protein at 4-3. Her fourth dam, Ahlem Lemvig Princess 1521-ET, Excellent-90%, has seven lactations, four of them over 23,000 lbs. milk, 1,000 lbs. fat and 870 lbs. protein. Her fifth dam, Ahlem BSB Princess 6112 {6}, Excellent-93%, made 26,850 lbs. milk, 1,310 lbs. fat and 996 lbs. protein at 4-5. The sixth dam is family matriarch, Ahlem Glenwood Comm Princess {5}, Excellent-92%, with 27,150 lbs. milk, 1,11 lbs. fat and 981 lbs. protein at 5-6.

Jack Zina, Hadley, Mass., purchased the fourth high seller, River Valley Mlton Tiramisu 4915-ET, for $4,200. The December 2016 daughter of IGL Magnum Milton-ET, GJPI +131, carried the third-high GJPI on sale day and sold with A.I. interest expressed by Semex. Today, she has GPTAs of +749M, +81F and +42P and is +162 for GJPI, a measure that ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit.
She is out of Shot of Nat Dimension Tiramisu, Very Good-87%, with a three lactation m.e. average of 16,701–897–684. She ranks among the top 1.5% for GJPI with an index of +139. “Tiramisu” was the high seller of the inaugural online state sale, the Wisconsin State Sale, in 2013, purchased as a four-month-old heifer calf by River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill., the consignor of “Tiramisu 4915.”

The grandam of “Tiramisu 4915” is a Very Good-82% “Headline” daughter with 26,100 lbs. milk, 1,275 lbs. fat and 859 lbs. protein at 4-4. Her Very Good-87% third dam has a three lactation m.e. average of 18,181–973–702. Her Very Good-85% fifth dam has an m.e. average of 18,066–978–729 on four lactations. Her fifth dam, Sunset Canyon Lemvig Tonapah-ET, Excellent-92%, has five records—three over 22,000 lbs. milk—and made her best record of 26,683 lbs. milk, 1,777 lbs. fat and 1,113 lbs. protein in 365 days at 4-9. The next two dams are both Very Good, with records over 22,000 lbs. milk. The eighth dam is Bettydon Lester Ritzy {6}, Excellent-90%, a herd matriarch with more than 29,000 lbs. milk at Bettydon Jerseys in Deer Park, Wash.

2017 Pot O'Gold Buyers List
Camille Herrera, Hilmar, Calif.
HER-MAN/SDF BALIN BECK-P, bred heifer 15 mos. $7,500
(Sunny Day Farm and Her-Man Jerseys, Chester, S.C.)
Lydia Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
PRIMUS KWYNN HAVEN-ET, heifer calf 9 mos. $5,200
(Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Calif.)
McCalister Russell, Hilmar, Calif.
AHLEM TORPEDO PRINCESS 49413-ET, bred heifer 15 mos. $4,300
(Ahlem Farms Partnership, Hilmar, Calif.)
Jack Zina, Hadley, Mass.
RIVER VALLEY MLTON TIRAMISU 4915-ET, heifer calf 10 mos. $4,200
(River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill.)
Addison Josi, Tillamook, Ore.
JX CLOVER FARMS PROP JOE GAL 4540 {4}, bred heifer 13 mos. $4,100
(Clover Farms, Dundas, Ill.)
Robert Graves, Dundas, Ill.
JX ALL LYNNS LEONEL WINTER {4}-ET, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,900
(Tommy Allen, Reedsburg, Wis.)
Andrew McReynolds, Danville, Vt.
LAWTONS GENOMINATOR VIOLA, open yearling 12 mos. $3,900
(Ryan Lawton, Newark Valley, N.Y.)
Matthew Holton, Dawsonville, Ga.
YOSEMITE MOON MARCIN 35854, bred heifer 14 mos. $3,800
(Yosemite Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
Westin M. and Ryan M. Mattingly Jr., Fresno, Calif.
CDF DAPPER LEGAL PROMISE W7057, bred heifer 12 mos. $3,800
(C & S Livestock, Hilmar, Calif.)
Emma Townsend, Lafayette, Ind.
M-SPRINGDALE DIMENSION BALLOON, heifer calf 8 mos. $3,600
(Dustin and Kristin Taylor, Shreve, Ohio)
Ela M. Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.
JX SCHIRM HONOK SNOW {6}, bred heifer 15 mos. $3,500
(Paul R. Schirm, Saint Johns, Mich.)
Nathan H. Bryant, Ripley, Miss.
HER-MAN CALYPSO ATTIC, bred heifer 14 mos. $3,000
(Amanda S. Lutz, Chester, S.C.)
Ava G. Hebgen, De Forest, Wis.
JX AVI-LANCHE CAMPEONE JO 18078 {4}-ET, heifer calf 8 mos. $2,700
(Richard and Jennifer M. Avila, Dalhart, Texas)
Kylie M. Lehr, Canastota, N.Y.
DUTCH HOLLOW MONUMENT CHERRY, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,600
(Paul C. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.)
Austin Dizek, Hadley, Mass.
JX GURE BEHIA LEONEL 12788 {4}, bred heifer 13 mos. $2,500
(Green Valley Dairy, Kerman, Calif.)
Keelyn Guest, Dalhart, Texas
JX DREAM VIEW PROP JOE 4403 {4}, open yearling 14 mos. $2,500
(Blount Kevin and Ronda, Turlock, Calif.)
Jack Swanson, Hilmar, Calif.
JCJ VICEROY 36150, bred heifer 15 mos. $2,500
(James Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif.)
Clayton Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
JX VALSIGNA STRIKER 31339 {5}, heifer calf 7 mos. $2,400
(Wickstrom Dairies L.P., Hilmar, Calif.)
Charlie Tauchen, Bonduel, Wis.
JX AVON ROAD CAMPEONE VIRGINIA {4}-ET, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,400
(Avon Road Jersey Farm Inc., Alma Center, Wis.)
Maxwell S. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
OHIO SPARTAN SENSATION 540, bred heifer 13 mos. $2,300
(Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio)
Chelsie Fuller, Newark Valley, N.Y.
FREEMANS SAXON CREED, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,300
(David E. Freeman, Greenville, Ill.)
Nathan Merriam, Hickman, Calif.
JX PVF NEWS ZEVA {5}-ET, heifer calf 9 mos. $2,300
(Jason and Leah James, Mineral Point, Wis.)
Renee L. Bok, Defiance, Ohio
JX MOONSHADOW HILLS BOSSY {5}, heifer calf 10 mos. $2,200
(Neal Smith, Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Hobbs Lutz, Chester, S.C.
SUN VALLEY JIVE TART, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,200
(David and Kimberly Seals, Tillamook, Ore.)
Kirsten Boreman, West Salem, Ohio
KILGUS CHROME CHARM, heifer calf 8 mos. $2,100
(Kilgus Dairy/Carla Kilgus, Fairbury, Ill.)
Devin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.
SUNWEST MACKENZIE MOZART W5793, heifer calf 11 mos. $2,100
(Sunwest Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
Cole Provoast, Prescott, Mich.
FOUR J MILTON 22632 {5}, open yearling 12 mos. $2,100
(Four J Jerseys, Tipton, Calif.)
Rachel Hefel, Epworth, Iowa
STORMVIEW LEMONHEAD MACKENZIE, bred heifer 14 mos. $1,900
(Breanna and Dakota Bowen, Camp Point, Ill.)
James Holton, Dawsonville, Ga.
FREEMANS AXIS FASTNFURIOUS, heifer calf 9 mos. $1,800
(David E. Freeman, Greenville, Ill.)
Carl Taylor, Booneville, Miss.
BOHNERTS SAXON STELLA, bred heifer 12 mos. $1,800
(Bohnert Jerseys, East Moline, Ill.)
Austin Haywood, Hastings, Mich.
ELDORADO REGENCY ROYAL, open yearling 12 mos. $1,600
(Nathan Franck, Newhall, Iowa)
Caroline R. Lafferty, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
CEDAR MTN FARM LEXICON RIBBON, heifer calf 10 mos. $1,600
(Kerry Gawalt, Hartland, Vt.)