2014 Pot O’Gold Sale

2017 Pot O'Gold Production Contest

For heifers purchased from the 2014 Pot O'Gold Sale.

Rankings based on dollar value of the animal's first lactation. An in-depth article about contest results is available in the September 2017 issue of the Jersey Journal.

Rankings for the 2017 Pot O'Gold Production Contest


Andrew McReynolds topped the 2017 Pot O'Gold Production Contest with Avi-Lanche Dazz Buttermilk 12564. 

2014 Pot O'Gold Sale Highlights

Schirm Plus Saturn 22877 was the high seller of the 57th Pot O'Gold Sale at $12,500. She was purchased by McCalister Russell, represented by Maija Haggith, right, and consigned by Paul Schirm, second left. Also pictured are 2013 National Jersey Queen Sydney Endres, left, JMS Manager Jason Robinson, back, and Tyler Bohnert, at the halter. In the box are Greg Lavan, JMS Marketing Coordinator, and Seth Andrews, auctioneer. 


JCJ Marvel 29578 was the second high seller at $7,000. She was purchased by Lowell Chamberlain, represented by AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Sara Barlass, second left. The heifer was consigned by James Ahlem, represented by AJCA-NAJ Area Representative Maija Haggith, right. Also pictured are 2013 National Jersey Queen Sydney Endres, left, JMS Manager Jason Robinson, back, Lane Schweigert, at the halter, and Greg Lavan and Seth Andrews, in the box. 


Kilgus Sampson Marla sold for the third high price of the day. She was purchased by Chase Bachelor, second left, for $6,100 and consigned by Trent Kilgus, represented by Paul Kilgus, left. Also pictured with 'Marla' are JMS Manager Jason Robinson, back, 2013 National Jersey Queen Sydney Endres, right, and Jaylin Dilsaver, at the halter. In the box are Greg Lavan, JMS marketing coordinator, and Seth Andrews, auctioneer. 

2014 Pot O'Gold Buyer's List
McCalister Russell, Hilmar, Calif.
SCHIRM PLUS SATURN {6}, heifer calf 11 mos. $12,500
(Paul R. Schirm, Saint Johns, Mich.)
Lowell R. Chamberlain, Wyoming, N.Y.
JCJ MARVEL 29578, heifer calf 10 mos. $7,000
(James Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif.)
Chase Bachelor, Angola, Ind.
KILGUS SAMPSON MARLA, bred heifer 14 mos. $6,100
(Trent Kilgus, Fairbury, Ill.)
Kara A. Maxwell, Donahue, Iowa
HILMAR MAGNUM 43054, open yearling 12 mos. $5,500
(Charles Ahlem, Hilmar, Calif.)
Kaila Wussow, Cecil, Wis.
LAWTONS VISIONARY FUTURE, open yearling 12 mos. $5,500
(Timothy Lawton, Newark Valley, N.Y.)
Lars W. Russell, Hilmar, Calif.
BOHNERTS SPARKY GILIANA, bred heifer 12 mos. $5,400
(Bohnert Jerseys, East Moline, Ill.)
Jackson Vineyard, Knoxville, Tenn.
BERRYS MASTERS EUPHORIA, heifer calf 8 mos. $5,400
(Berry College, Mount Berry, Ga.)
Chase Koon, Emory, Texas
HILLVIEW PHAROAH SPINX, heifer calf 11 mos. $5,300
(Hannah Williams, Wild Rose, Wis.)
Benjamin P. Grammer, Sebring, Ohio
DUTCH HOLLOW SAMSON CHARADE, heifer calf 10 mos. $5,000
(Paul C. Chittenden, Schodack Lndg, N.Y.)
Hadyn Mortimer, Smithfield, Utah
JX SUN VALLEY IRWIN GRACE {4}-ET, bred heifer 13 mos. $5,000
(David and Kimberly Seals, Tillamook, Ore.)
Jacob Vineyard, Knoxville, Tenn.
GRAZELAND MACHETE DAVALYNN, bred heifer 13 mos. $5,000
(Russell and Cheryl King, Creston, Ohio)
Joelle M. Ziegler, Galloway, Ohio
OHIO VOLCANO IATOLA 293, heifer calf 7 mos. $4,700
(Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio)
Jaylin Dilsaver, Wayne, Ohio
YOSEMITE SPARKY PONCHO S31089, heifer calf 10 mos. $4,600
(Yosemite Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
India Tauchen, Bonduel, Wis.
JX PRO-HART SOPRANO LIA {5}-ET, heifer calf 11 mos. $4,600
(Cole Provoast, Prescott, Mich.)
Camille Herrera, Hilmar, Calif.
JX BUTTERCREST CLARK GOBLET {4}, open yearling 12 mos. $4,500
(Buttercrest Jerseys, Croton, Ohio)
Emily J. Chittenden, Schodack Landing, N.Y.
SUNWEST DEVOTION ACADEMY S43768 {6}, open yearling 12 mos. $4,400
(Sunwest Jersey Dairy, Hilmar, Calif.)
Charlie Tauchen, Bonduel, Wis.
COLINS SAMSON BONDUEL, bred heifer 14 mos. $4,300
(Colin Wussow, Cecil, Wis.)
Cassie Bohnert, East Moline, Ill.
AHLEM FASTRACK PRINCESS 43508-ET, heifer calf 9 mos. $4,100
(William Ahlem, Jr., Hilmar, Calif.)
Andrew McReynolds, Danville, Vt.
AVI-LANCHE DAZZ BUTTERMILK 12564, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,900
(Richard and Jennifer M Avila, Dalhart, Texas)
Tori Barham, Calhoun, Tenn.
JX CAL-MART AWESOME BERNY 6971 {5}, heifer calf 9 mos. $3,800
(Martin Dairy LLC, Tillamook, Ore.)
Tyler C. Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
COLD RUN VISIONARY ANCHOR, bred heifer 14 mos. $3,700
(Cold Run Jerseys LLC, Salem, Ohio)
Luke W. McReynolds, Danville, Vt.
JX CEDAR MTN FARM TOPEKA GARNET {4}, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,700
(Kerry Gawalt, Hartland, Vt.)
Cole Provoast, Prescott, Mich.
GRAMMER CRITICP TRACY-P, bred heifer 12 mos. $3,700
(Grammer Jersey Farm LLC, Sebring, Ohio)
Lee Taylor, Booneville, Miss.
ALL LYNNS IRWIN MARCELLA, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,700
(Kevin Schneider, Rock Valley, Iowa)
Carlie Torrens, Utica, Ohio
VALSIGNA MARCIN 23308, bred heifer 14 mos. $3,700
(Wickstrom Dairies L.P., Hilmar, Calif.)
Tricia J. Walther, Jackson, Mo.
MS TOPEKA 8020 A407, heifer calf 9 mos. $3,600
(Mountain Shadow Dairy, Litchfield Park, Ariz.)
Nathan Franck, Newhall, Iowa
WOODSTOCK DIVIDEND LI TINA TORI, open yearling 16 mos. $3,300
(Woodstock Dairy, Corning, Calif.)
Kennedy Green, Hartley, Texas
JX ANTEBELLUM PHAROAH BELZONI {4}-ET, open yearling 13 mos. $3,300
(Steve Rowley and Mike Glynn, Foxworth, Miss.)
Grace E. Stroud, East Bethany, N.Y.
PHILS REGAL 8173, heifer calf 11 mos. $3,100
(Phil V. Fanelli, Hilmar, Calif.)
Autumn Dietrich, Mifflinburg, Pa.
PINE HILL MORALE MONA, heifer calf 9 mos. $3,000
(Lindsays Pine Hill Jersey Farm, New Waterford, Ohio)
Clayton Kirchdoerfer, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
JX CDF KILOWATT VACATION T2695 {5}, heifer calf 9 mos. $3,000
(C and S Livestock, Hilmar, Calif.)
Grace and Emma Vos, Maribel, Wis.
WOODSTOCK TOPEKA AS SWEETIE, bred heifer 14 mos. $3,000
(Stephanie D. Woods, Willamina, Ore.)